Indian Travel and Tourism – Explore New Destinations

Travel and tourism is not a new thing to people. Everybody is aware of it and also knows how big the entire industry is. Travel and tourism can be defined in different forms depending on the point of view of various sections of society. For instance if we talk of tourists’ point of view then it can be referred as the practice of traveling for leisure and pleasure, on the other hand if we talk from the point of view of the people involved into this business then travel and tourism would be considered as the business that provides tours & services to the tourists.

Travel and tourism are often used interchangeably as both have similar meanings. For last few decades, this industry has experienced an up market. There are several reasons for this development one of which is surely the better economic conditions of people. The developments in technology like transportation and other areas too have contributed to the development of this industry.

Travel and tourism has developed as a huge business industry in almost all parts of the world but as far as India is concerned the country has seen tremendous changes in recent years in this regard. India has always been one travel destination that people wanted to explore the most. People not only from country within but also from overseas have always been very fond of India and its travel attractions.

India has a rich cultural heritage that has always been a major tourist attraction for overseas people. There are some very beautiful places to visit in India like Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Goa, himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Kerala, and many more. There are several tourists’ attractions like historic monuments, nature tourism, wildlife, hill stations, beaches and lots more to explore.

As far as the kinds of tourism in India are concerned then there are several available. Given below are a few of the examples:

o Adventure tourism
o Wildlife tourism
o Medical tourism
o Pilgrimage tourism
o Eco tourism
o Cultural tourism

All these types of tourism have marked great growth in last few decades. Now the Indian Government too is paying extreme attention in this direction and is trying to develop India as one of the most explored travel destinations.

There are several sources available now that help one know about the best travel destinations not only in India but also in all other parts of the world. There are whole lots of travel websites ready to help the tourists and there are also various other things like the travel publications and others to help the people. People can seek help out of all these sources and then there are also other people like travel agents who are also very beneficial.

All these sources together help people get the best deal as they also offer various attractive packages and people may chose out of them as per their choice & convenience. All one needs to do is to be aware of all the possible sources and the personal requirements & affordability.

Travel and Leisure in Duisburg

Duisburg is a city in western Germany which is very important for the economy of the country. Along the centuries, in this area, people exploited the land’s natural resources, and mined coal, iron, copper and other metals. Today, Duisburg produces almost 50% of Germany’s hot metal and more than a third of Germany’s pig-iron. Using pig iron and other metals, the factories in the city produce large quantities of steel, and they’ve been doing this for a long time now. In the second World War, Duisburg played a very important role in the country’s war machine production. They also had a coal mine, but it’s been closed in August 2009.

Of course, tourists will not go to Duisburg to see the factories, unless they really like the “How it’s made” show on the Discovery Channel. They will, however, go there to experience life in Duisburg from other points of view. And the city offers plenty of activities to satisfy everybody.

First stop, the Zoo. An excellent place for animal lovers. They keep many animals there, in perfect living conditions and excellent simulated habitats. The Zoo was designed in such a way to induce a visitor the feeling that they are really walking into the wild. Wide spaces, very few cages, lots of light, lots of different types of vegetation, each setting being an excellent substitute for the natural living environment for particular types of animals.

Duisburg also offers the opportunity to visit the largest inland port in the world. Experience the Inner Harbor from one of the numerous pubs, cafes or bars, or explore it from the water on an interesting harbor cruise. Whether you are a fan of sports, culture, food or drink, you will not get bored at the Inner Harbor. Walking, jogging, cultural events, excellent dining, nice views – the Inner Harbor has been, for a long while now, the heart of Duisburg’s social and sporting activities.

Another attraction is the Wedau Water World, a place of fun, sun and leisure. Built with the idea to make people feel good no matter what their age is, the Wedau Water World gets you with big water slides, high-rope balance activities, boat rides, canoe rides and more.

Interesting architecture and buildings in Duisburg include: the bridge between the districts Duissern and Meiderich. Built in 1907, this bridge is a testament of German work discipline and precision planning. Then, we have the Alte Post, a representative building of yellow brick and contrasting red sandstone, the building is the old post office, located near the Town Hall. The third architectural point of interest is the Dreigiebelhaus, a historic jewel, the oldest surviving house in Duisburg (raised in 1536). Finally, we arrive at the picturesque mills of Duisburg, which are very cute. There are 8 mills in total, 6 of which are historical, made of red bricks and showing a design you only saw in Hollywood motion pictures with Frankenstein or Dracula.

Nobody has ever felt sorry for going to Duisburg for the holidays, so, if you too decide to choose this destination, don’t worry, there are 0 chances to regret it.